Vent-Axia Lo-Carbon Tempra: How to Reduce the Lowest Trickle Speed


The brochure claims "extremely low noise levels" on trickle, but trickle is far too noisy for me (and boost is insane).


Re-wire to re-purpose the pull-cord so that, instead of switching on boost mode, it enables a mode with very low trickle speed and boost disabled.






Vent-Axia Tempra Configuration (Fig20 from installation manual)

Vent-Axia Tempra as supplied, but with covers off Vent-Axia Tempra - modified
As supplied
Modified wiring on bottom left blue terminal block

Aside: Timer vs. Humidistat

You might have noticed from the photos that I have not connected the switched live from the lights (the middle terminal of the top-left blue terminal block is not connected). That's because I consider that there's no point having a humidistat to turn on boost, but then forcing it to boost even if humidity is low, just because someone's turned on the lights. However, if you want to reduce odours as well as humidity, you might want to allow your lights to turn on boost as well.

Aside: How I worked out this approach

If you're interested,

Bob Briscoe
13 Oct 2023