Gloria Lane's (née Phillips) Memories of Parham and Home Farm

Gloria visited Home Farm on 30  & 31-Aug-2012, with her two younger sons, Dennis & Joseph from her first marriage to Joe Nester. She had travelled from her home in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, US, to visit her family and roots in England. Her two older sons are Barry and Michael. Barry, the oldest, was born in Home Farm. This is a record of the memories she imparted of the farm and the people in the village.

Gloria Phyllis Jean Lane née Phillips was born in 1927 at Dorley's Corner, Kelsale, Suffolk.
Father, Jim Phillips, was Isaac Larter's stockman.
Mother, Lilly, worked inside. d. age 91
Sister: Jill has already contacted us by phone; lives near Bedford, UK.
Adopted brother: Ken was adopted by Lilly. His real mother lived in Parham, but she was only 14 when she had him, her mother having died when she was 16.
Maid, Annie Squirrel, came in Mondays (washing day), Wednesdays (cleaning day) and Fridays (baking day).
The Phillips family lived in Home Farm 1936-1943, until Jack Larter moved in with his children (Monica & Jane).
Gloria left home at age 16 (1943) having met and married Corporal Joseph Nester of the USAAF, who was stationed at Parham aerodrome.
After Joseph was transferred back to the US in 1945 she followed him in 1946 with their two children.
Many years after, having raised four sons, she divorced Joseph, when she discovered that they had the right to annual free travel back to England, but he had withheld this knowledge from her in case she wouldn't return to the US. She remarried and is now Gloria Lane.

[Note added in 2024:
Gloria passed away on 11 June 2019. Her obituary is here. I still keep in touch with her sons, including meeting them during a recent business trip to Philadelphia.]

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Recorded by Bob Briscoe,
30-31 August 2012
With minor additions 14 Jan 2024